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Backyard Jumpers LLC is Arizona’s Newest and best combo waterslide bounce house rental company! We have been serving Arizona with all of its party needs for 2 years, and have become the most enjoyable inflatable rental company in the Southwest. We have all of the rental equipment needed for your parties, girls birthday parties, boys birthday parties, church parties, Fundraisers, and any other special event you can think of! We also have great birthday party ideas! Give Backyard Jumpers LLC a call if you are looking to rent ANY type of jumper. Our inventory consists of castle bouncers, basic Jumpers, princess jumpers, Jungle jumpers, tables/chairs and snow cone machines!!! Call Backyard Jumpers LLC for any and all of your party needs. We HAVE the best prices for what you can rent in the state of Arizona and we would love to prove it to you! We will never charge for gas or set up, 24/7 365 days a year! saving you $20 to $70 on all your bounce house rental needs!!!

Cool down with our combo water slides!

Bounce House Rental

Bounce House RentalThese combo water slides are truly the most exciting for any party. Rent a waterslide for a birthday party, celebration, or just to treat your family while making the best memories!

When you are thinking about renting a combo water slide, be sure to size it to the size of the kids. Most small kids, 6 and under would be best served with a slide 27′ and smaller. If you are trying to satisfy a wider range of kids, our 37′ combo water slides are a great option.

When you are having 10 or more children over for your event, rent either one of our 37′ castle and jungle combo water slides! These two slides will keep the party going and the only words the children will say is “I’m tired” lol. Parents across the world agree that this phrase is good news!!

When our customers rent water slides we want to answer any and all questions. Here are some of the most common questions asked:

Why do dry slides cost less to rent than water slides?
There is considerably more operational cost with operating water slides versus dry slides. Drying time, repair time, and purchase cost all factor into charging more for water slides than dry slides.

Will my grass get ruined with an inflatable water slide?
We put down tarp underneath the water slides when we set them up. The slide is continuously running water, which does create a damp situation. There probably will be mud with any water slide. It is just part of the deal.

What is the height of the slides?
The height of the slide is from the ground to the TOP of the slide. For example, our 37′ Castle water slide is 8′ tall from the ground to the very tip top of the slide. There are some who will claim to have a 15′ or even 20′ slide, but they may be measuring the Height of the bounce house not the slide. Some companies rely on technicalities to impress!

Do I need a water source for an inflatable water slide?
Yes, the only way to have an inflatable water slide at your party is to have a regular hose spigot available to hook up the water slide. There is no other way.

Bounce House Rental

If you have other questions please reach out to us.  Tap here to call or text – (623) 362-2323


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